PatchworkMC is a reimplementation of Minecraft Forge on top of the FabricMC ecosystem. The goal is to allow Forge mods to be patched so that they can run on top of Fabric, with other Fabric mods, and without installing Forge.


Currently, Patchwork is in the early stages of development. As such, we do not yet provide pre-built releases of the any of the project’s components. If you’d like to build it yourself and try it out, you can find the code on GitHub.

Current State

Patchwork is currently able to run several small Forge mods. Development is moving quickly, and the list of working mods is growing fast.


Similar to Fabric, Patchwork is split up into a few different components that work together to allow Forge mods to work in Fabric.


The patcher converts Forge mods into a format that Fabric can load. Although the patched mods can be loaded by Fabric, they still require the Patchwork API, which provides features that were provided by Forge.


The Patchwork API is a reimplementation of the Minecraft Forge API built on top of Fabric. This allows mods that have been patched to function properly under Fabric.


Patchwork is still a work in progress, if you’d like to help us bridge the gap between Fabric and Forge, come join us on Discord.